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Inspire others with your story, and receive a 30% off code! 

  • What can my story be about?
    Your story can be about anything. In life, we experience things that turn our world's upside down. By sharing your story about a setback or life change that you have experienced, you offer other people a new perspective, and even some hope in a situation that may seem exhausting or unclear.
  • Do I need to share my name?
    No. There is a lot of freedom in this. The primary goal is to share stories that give motivation or hope to other people. So, if you feel that your story is something you'd like to share anonymously, then you can 100% do that!
  • What do I need to do?
    So, first you need to just write about your story. There's no limit, no character count, and no prompt. This is meant to be therapeutic for you as well as the readers. It gives you a cahnce to define your story, and to write it the way that you see it happening, and the way you overcame or are overcoming it. After you write it, you can email it to us at: We will post it in blog format (you will be given credit if you so choose), and feature a new story each week on our website and Instagram.
  • Can I include pictures/video?
    YES, as long as you're comfoortable with it, we encourage pictures. It is better to have a face with the story, expecially in this type of setting. If you feel more comfortable sharing your story as a video, you can do that as well!
  • How do I receive my 30% off code?
    After we receive your story, we will read it and respind to the email with a one time 30% off promo code!
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Share your story and receive a 40% off code 

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